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Hush Little Baby - growing up

Long story short, one night as I was going to sleep, my neighbour's baby grandson started crying. Next thing I know, my mind was racing with various scenarios about what could be happening to the child. Maybe he's hot, or cold. Maybe he's hungry. Maybe he had a bad dream or there is something dangerous crawling on its bed? It's been over a minute now. What's taking them so long to respond? Why is the baby still crying? Why won't it shut up? The next morning I started outlining a new horror short story. Hush Little Baby was born.

After a couple of edits, it was ready. I entered it to the Twisted50 Vol 2 competition by Create50. Alas, it didn't make it to the final book but it was a finalist which for me was an amazing achievement. But I knew I had something special and I wanted a lot more for my Baby so, being a screenwriter at heart, I gave it a helping hand and converted it to a short script.

And then in happened... my Baby won the 12th Waterford Film Festival screenplay competition award (2018).

All of a sudden I had an award winning script in my hands, and that was just the beginning. My Baby was now winning awards and being a finalist in horror festivals like Crimson Screen, Nightmares and Shriekfest. I couldn't leave it like that. I had to go the extra mile. And so I did.

I am pleased to announce that filmmaker Alec Gibbons, who's excellent debut short One Bad Night premiered at the Nightmare's Film Festival, has taken an interest in directing and producing my Baby. Not only that, but we have also secured the invaluable production from Chad Ridgely, who has starred, produced and directed in various short and feature films such as Massacre on Aisle 12 and 6:66pm.

I will shortly start a fundraising campaign to get this project off the ground. In the meantime I will keep you abreast of the development of my Baby. They grow so fast.

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