Name: The Commuting Writer

Nationality: Mexican, Italian and British

Languages: Spanish, Italian, English, French-ish

Age: Generation X-er. As a child, I had to get off my seat to change the channel. You do the math.

Time of commute: Four hours, (two hours door-to-door), three times a week

Years active: Six

Favourite quote: "He who questions training, only trains himself at asking questions"

Favourite movie: Really? Hmmm... Which decade?

I don't know. Say... 40s?: Casablanca

50s?: All About Eve.

60s?: The Appartment

70s?: Are you really doing this? I've got places to be, you know?

Jeez. Sorry. I only want to get a full profile on you. Then go for the meat. Don't get stuck in these boring, cookie-cutter questions.

Well, Mr Writer, what would you like me to ask?: It's Mr Commuting Writer to you, and I'm not going to do your job. You figure it out.

Well la-di-da. Okay. I'm game. Do you think Tarantino is over-rated? My train is leaving. Go to my blog if you want to know more. Peace.