Completed feature length projects and works in progress




Two sisters in a summer camp in Maine battle for survival against a witch looking for a body to inhabit

Poster Zombis a la Mexicana.jpg

(In Spanish)

An evil spirit that inhabits an old mask is released giving way to a zombie invasion. A proud former masked lucha libre fighter will have to ally with other luchadores, narcos, ninja friars and even his ex-wife to face this evil power that threatens to take over the world.

Chicharron Portada.jpeg

(In Spanish)

During the economic crisis of the early 90's, a young chemistry student has to abandon his studies abroad and return to Mexico City to help his parents who lost the family restaurant. Now he has six months to reunite his estranged family and fight against his traitorous godfather who wants to keep the business to himself.

Poster Switch.jpg

By Rui Gonçalves and Ricardo Bravo

A sexist private detective switches minds with a shy female accountant - now he has 24 hours to find out who is trying to kill him and why, while in a woman's body, and with her astral projection in tow


Double Sided Mirror Poster.jpg

A psychologist will try to unravel the mind of a seemingly shy harmless man charged with the murder of four people